Video Tours

Video Tours are a powerful tool

Everyone loves videos!  That’s why there are so many video apps online.  All the major social media sites are wildly popular because they focus on video.   Everyone knows that Video Tours help sell homes, but only 3% of real estate agents use them. Using video tours for every listing is a powerful way for you to standout from the other 97% of agents in SE Washington and win more listings. When you tell a prospective client that you will have a high definition, full motion Video Tour of their listing produced and posted widely online, that is a strong incentive for them to list with you.  And, since most homeowners love their homes, you really fire up their ego when you offer to make a movie of their home!

Keep a sample video tour on your laptop or tablet and show it to all prospective clients and you are certain to win most listings, and justify your commission because the clients are confident you are doing more to sell their homes.

Since video tours start at only $200, they fit easily into your marketing budget.

Branded and MLS Versions

Each of our residential video tours comes with both a branded version and an unbranded version that is approved by TCAR for PACMLS so you can use them confidently.

Video Tours Improve Your SEO

We encode the listing agents data into our videos that promotes your online presence and improves your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) even well after the home has sold.

Pay Only Once - No Monthly Fees

Unlike traditional marketing, there are no ongoing fees with our video tours.  You pay once for each tour and they continue to work for you.

Check out many more of our video tours on our YouTube Channel