Listing Portraits


Listing Portraits, not just pictures

Our Listing Portraits capture active home buyer’s attention  with an emotional flair that ensures your listings sell faster.

Our complex photographic process is a combination of using high-end equipment, specialized shooting techniques, and advanced editing skills.  We also make staging adjustments, when possible, for each scene to remove unwanted items for a clean, uncluttered image.

Making Your Images That Much Better, The Choice is Simple!

Before and after

Our OLD METHOD-Washed out and blown out lights.

Our NEW METHOD-True to color, not washed out or blown out windows.

Ever wonder WHAT LARRY DOES for his clients?

Larry takes time to STAGE EACH SHOT so it is the best it can be.

Sometimes the day of the shoot you have a NOT SO NICE SKY.

A REPLACEMENT SKY makes the whole picture look better.

Sometimes the homeowner didn’t have time to reseed the SPOTTY LAWN, but will be doing it soon.

For areas that aren’t extensive we can FIX THAT LAWN for you (the sky was a bonus).

Our pictures START OUT GREAT.

We BRIGHTEN AND COLOR CORRECT to make the home not look dingy.

REALTY SIGNS IN PICTURES can get you in big trouble.


We all love LARRY, but not in our images.

We try to REMOVE LARRY. Hint: next to the white car on the right.

Outdoor FIRE PLACES are a cozy feature.

They look so much more appealing with a GLOWING FLAME.

Indoor FIRE PLACES need flame too.

We put in a GLOWING FLAME even when they are tucked behind a chair.


Yes, a PICTURE IN THE TV makes all the difference.

MISSING A LIGHT BULB in a high place?

Not to worry, we can CLONE IN A LIGHT (I have circled it in red).

Yes, all of this is just part of our service.

  • We bring our studio to your listing, light and stage each shot so it looks the best.
  • After we bring the images back to the office we use the best software to get the best look.
  • Lastly we touch up our images to give you LISTING PORTRAITS.

Photo Slideshows

Wanting something a little different for your website or Facebook? These slideshows use your listing portraits and they can be used on our Interactive Showcases!

Click either video below to see an example.

This is an MLS Version that we place on Vimeo and can be used on the MLS.

This is a branded version that we place on YouTube and works for you long after the home is sold. You can use it on social media as well.