Listing Portraits


0 – 1500 sq ft …………….$150                                        

1501 – 2500 sq ft ……….$175

2501 – 3500 sq ft ……….$200

3500 – 4500 sq ft ……….$250

>4500 sq ft………………..$275


Add $50 to Resale/MLS prices. This portrait package is designed for long-term or continuous-use images such as builder floor plans or other marketing purposes.  We also highlight special details in this package.

Canceling (photos and video)

We never charge for canceling or rescheduling as long as we have 1 hour notice. If you cancel less than one hour before the shoot or one of our photographers shows up and we have to reschedule there is a 50% fee. To avoid this fee simply call, text or email us of a needed change. If the home is not ready to shoot within 10 minutes of our photographer arriving there is a $50 fee to cover their extra time.

Additional Charge Items

Aerial Pictures-$50 when shot with either video or pictures. $100 when shot alone.  Add $30 for each additional location lift-off.

Additional Detached Buildings – Start at $50 and go up depending on complexity and size of the building.

Reshoot Fee – $50  When returning to a house previously shot to update images due to changes at the house. Includes up to 10 images.

Dusk images are $200. This is because it is outside normal business hours and this is the time usually set aside for editing video.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Add $75 to the Resale/MLS prices. You will receive the images as a keepsake, which we normally charge realtors $50 for and there is more level of effort involved for us when not working with a real estate agent familiar with our complex photo process.

During Covid, houses under 2400 square foot only please and only 1 home owner can be there.

Video Tours

Standard Video Tour-$200

This package is for resale residential properties up to 3,000 sq ft.  The finished video tour is a walk-through of the house and property, showing how all the spaces connect.  

Two versions of the video tour are created; an unbranded version for use on MLS, and a branded version with your picture, logo and contact information to use everywhere else. 

Enhanced Video Tour-$250

This is the same as the Standard Version, but includes either narration, text graphics or an on camera introduction.

Add $50 for each of these services:
  • Homes 3001-5000 sq ft (over 5000 sq ft, call for a quote)
  • Significant secondary buildings.  This fee can go up, based on size and complexity.
  • Changes to the video after it has been delivered.
  • Going back to get new footage (e.g., they painted, etc.)
Builder Floor Plan $300 (add $50 3001-5000 sq ft.)

This Video Tour package is designed for builders to show prospective clients a floorplan design without having to go visit an existing clients home.  This video tour is shot to highlight special details of the home design and trim.  The builders logo appears throughout the video. The builder has unrestricted use of the final video tour.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

Add $75 to the Resale/MLS prices. Currently, due to Covid, we are servicing FSBOs with video or photo, not both. This is so that we can provide uninterrupted service for our regular clients.

Video Extras
Video Short-$15 each or $10 each for 3 or more

Prices are introductory-A Video Short is a 15 second teaser video cut from the original video. It is in a vertical format to be used on Instagram.

Vacant Land Video-$200

This includes aerial pictures contingent on weather and conditions.

Photo Slideshow-$100

This includes listing portraits placed into a video file. We create a branded and unbranded version.

Interactive Services

Realtor Products

MLS Interactive Showcase-$100

Branded Version-an additional $25

Builder Products-The following are Starting Prices
Aerial Plus Builder Floor Plan-$300

This will have your aerial lot map as the first page and then your builder floor plan(s) on the following pages.

Interactive Aerial Lot Map-$150-250

1-10 lots $150

11-19 lots $200

20-40 lots $250

Builder Floor Plan Map-$175

This map can have your builder’s floor plan or a “button” to indicate rooms to show off your pictures and will display your video tour.

Non-Interactive Maps-$75

These are maps you may need for print or for your website, but you want them a bit more fancy.


Commercial Photography

The day rate is $400 and includes 35 shots at various locations, plus $25 per image which includes editing and copyright release.

This package is designed for long-term or continuous-use images for commercial, non-residential marketing purposes.  We highlight special details in this package.

Commercial Video

Prices start at $500-This is a short video that highlights a neighborhood, real estate development, business or other significant properties.
Narration is included.  Multiple locations for filming are often involved.  Video may include personal interviews promoting the property.